Margaret Devlin is a highly qualified professional facilitator, consultant and mentor with over 30 years experience. Her formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Organisation Behaviour. In addition, she is an accredited administrator of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), Spiral Dynamics Integral®, and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Margaret is Managing Partner of the Centre for Organisation Development, and founder of the OD Professionals - a membership network for people with an interest in Organisation Development. Margaret is regularly invited to speak at conferences and meetings both in Australia and overseas. She is also a Registered OD Professional with the International Registry of Organization Development.


Margaret’s broad experience including being Mayor of a large metropolitan Council, a coach and mentor to CEOs, senior and frontline managers, and membership on a number of not-for-profit boards and committees gives her a unique perspective of issues facing business leaders and managers in their interface with staff, clients and the community.


Having worked extensively as a facilitator, coach and consultant within the VPS for more than 16 years, she is critically aware of and understands the current challenges of working in the public sector – often a politically sensitive environment of diminishing resources and increased expectations, changing community values and service expectations.


Margaret also has a very strong background in policy development, whole-scale change, and strategic planning. She has trained and facilitated groups and teams at all levels in organisations, specialising in leadership development and strategic thinking. She has facilitated Boards, Executive teams and Senior Leaders in both private and public sectors. Some of her past and current clients include Sodexo, Telstra, AIA (Board), Ford Motor Company, Toyota, ANZ, Care Connect, Monash University, Local Councils and most Victorian State Government Departments and agencies.

Margaret is known for her positive approach and her sharp analytical mind. Her work is an extension of her passion to take care of the human side of enterprise – to create sustainable workplaces, where both business and people outcomes can be achieved.


As a high level facilitator and an extremely skilled trainer, Margaret has had considerable success in taking organisations and teams through the critical transition stages of change and development. She is skilled at bringing diverse interest groups together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Her innovative approach to business, strategic planning and problem solving, and her excellent analytical and conceptual skills enable her to facilitate creative and practical solutions to complex service/product delivery issues.


Margaret's dynamic style and her passion and commitment for personal and professional development ensure her sessions are worthwhile, challenging, effective and motivating.