CfOD provides comprehensive organisation development solutions to a large number of State Government Departments, Government Agencies and Local Government organisations.


State Government

CfOD provides leadership development, training and consulting to a significant number of State Government Departments and Agencies. Our extensive experience in the sector means we understand the significance of state government and its responsibility for delivering a wide range of economic, environmental, infrastructure and human services. Our services are aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of leadership roles and good governance practices as well as supporting and developing those working in the sector. We have developed a range of programs specifically tailored to the state government context, including:

  • Leadership and management development
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Manager as Coach and Manager as Mentor training programs
  • Team building and team interventions
  • Governance (including formal meeting skills, chairing skills, managing meetings and minute taking)
  • Education and Training (including communication skills, business writing, influencing skills, negotiation skills and conflict resolution)
  • Facilitation and facilitation skills training
  • Innovation
  • Change and transition
  • Resilience
  • Facilitated planning sessions
  • Customer service


Leadership Development

CfOD prides itself on providing fully customised and tailored leadership development solutions for our client partners. The majority of our clients and experience lies within the public sector (at least 80% of our client base) and we have worked with thousands of senior managers and executives to help build leadership and organisational capability. Our services are intended to enhance effective leadership and good governance, and to support and develop those leaders working in the public the sector to add value to the broad government agenda and fully contribute within their authorising environment. We have designed, developed, implemented and delivered a large number of successful end-to-end leadership solutions specifically tailored to the VPS, which utilise the Victorian Leadership Development Centre (VLDC) frameworks, and organisational leadership and values competency frameworks.


Local Government

CfOD provides specialist training for local government and has designed and delivered organisational development and skill-based training services to 43 of the 78 local councils in Victoria. As well as this extensive experience and expertise, our Managing Director, Margaret Devlin, served nine years as a metropolitan councillor (including a term as mayor). This gives us a unique perspective of complex issues facing councillors, managers and staff in their interface with the community. We understand the significance of local government and its responsibility for delivering a wide range of economic, environmental, infrastructure and human services. Our programs are aimed at supporting and enhancing the critical roles of leadership and governance of local communities and will add perspective and value to your council. We offer a full range of services, including:

  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring (including Manager as Coach training)
  • Facilitation and Facilitation Training
  • Change and transition management
  • Facilitated planning sessions
  • Team building and team interventions
  • Governance, including formal meeting skills including chairing skills, managing meetings and minute taking
  • Skills training, including: communication skills, influencing skills, business writing, negotiation skills and conflict resolution
  • Customer Service


A New Local Government Service from CfOD

For the past 20 years, CfOD has worked closely with Local Government Authorities supporting Councils, executive teams, managers and their teams.

In addition to our suite of organisation development, leadership, culture and team development services, we are now offering support and facilitation for CEO Performance Reviews. Find out more about our approach here.


Councillor Development

CfOD also offers tailored Councillor development for Mayors and Councillors, including one-on-one coaching and mentoring, process consulting and facilitation of Council Planning sessions.