CfOD team strengthening workshops will assist your team to build resilience, improve relationships, and increase performance through mutual trust, respect and collaboration.

Team Building | Strengthening Workshops

We tailor all our programs to suit each individual team’s required outcomes. We appreciate that teams comprise individual members who may vary in expertise and experience and have different levels of training and development. We know that team members are often highly competent professionals who work in complex, high-pressure environments to achieve multiple performance outcomes with limited resources.

Our programs will give your team:

  • An understanding of the dynamics of being an individual within a team, including role clarity and managing role boundaries
  • An enhanced ability to work together cohesively to achieve a common goal
  • An understanding of how the team fits in with other teams and with its larger organisational environment
  • An enhanced understanding of individual difference in a team, and how to value these differences
  • Commitment, mutual trust and passion for being part of the team
  • The ability to keep communication lines open and authentic
  • A healthy team culture where success is celebrated, people are valued and risks are rewarded.
  • A range of methodologies in the design and delivery of workshops to ensure a dynamic and sustaining learning experience including World Cafe Forum, accelerated learning, psychodynamics, NLP, and Appreciative Inquiry.
  • A variety of instruments during the workshops including Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, Team Management Systems®, DISC®, and Spiral Dynamics integral®.


Facilitated Team Conversations

Other options for stimulating greater appreciation of difference and diversity, whilst providing an enjoyable opportunity for a team to celebrate success or reflect on their work include the use of a range of instruments including: MBTI®, Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument HBDI®), DISC®, Positive Psychology/Strengths, Emotional Intelligence, Johari Window amongst a few. Often these shared experiences provide powerful insights into team issues and allow participants to discuss and debrief in a non-threatening, relaxed and inclusive environment.

Team Planning Workshops

The benefits of facilitated strategic planning sessions are many. They are provided an opportunity to renew your focus, gain greater clarity and work more effectively towards fulfilling your organisation's vision, which will add value to your services, build a highly functioning team and a sustainable future for your organisation.

Team Interventions

To address key structural and cultural issues in the team, an intervention might be required. Before bringing the team together in a facilitated team discussion, it is often beneficial to elicit common themes, issues and examples from each individual first by one-on-one interviews. De-identified themes and issues will be drawn from the interviews to inform an agenda for a facilitated team conversation. The facilitator can safely raise sensitive isses to enable the group to resolve misunderstandings, review shared values and agree on a way forward. Often an outcome is renewed appreciation of team strengths and overt agreements for behavioural and communication protocols.