Margaret Devlin

Margaret Devlin is a highly qualified professional facilitator, consultant and mentor with over 30 years experience. Her formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Organisation Behaviour. In addition, she is an accredited administrator of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), Spiral Dynamics Integral®, and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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Mike Allen

Mike’s skills lie in the areas of leading, managing and developing people. He has a keen eye for the commercialisation of opportunities and thinks strategically. Mike’s well-developed analytical skills have been applied in building and maintaining business relationships, as well as relationships in the educational and counselling fields. Mike has a high level of competency in coaching, counselling, public speaking, teaching and facilitating.

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Sandra Marks

Sandra Marks is a highly sought after organisational consultant, facilitator and business and leadership coach and mentor. Her passion and expertise is in helping organisations, individual managers and leaders realise their full potential.

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Mark Moore

Mark has an Economics and International Politics degree. He has completed Consulting and Facilitation seminars at Hawthorn Institute, Maxxim, P/D Performance Dynamics, Integro, Liberty Consulting, Australian Psychologists Press, and has Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. Mark has twenty six years of training and consulting experience and has managed his own training business for 16 years.

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Suzanne Loubris

Suzanne started her career as a graduate in training at a large semi government organisation and quickly progressed to participating in the Equal Opportunity department that was a forerunner in the country. She was part of a team of learning and development specialists focusing on bringing change to an organisation steeped in many years of cultural division.

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Roger Baker

Roger Baker is the Finance Manager at the Centre for Organisation Development. He has a strong background in Business with over 10 years of experience in Management, ranging from Retail to SME Multi-National Companies, but developed a love of bookkeeping when he saw many businesses not correctly analysing their financial position.

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Jemima Munro

Jemima Munro is passionate about each individual’s unique talents and skills. She believes that everyone has enormous potential and purpose and has dedicated her life to helping others become the best they can be.

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