A comprehensive range of programs to build leadership capacity with organisations, including executive, middle and frontline managers, leading change and transition and team leadership.

CfOD has developed an enviable reputation for delivering innovative, tailored leadership development programs, which are sustainable and effective in supporting organisational outcomes.

CfOD prides itself on providing fully customised and tailored leadership development solutions for our client partners. We have worked with thousands of senior managers and executives to help build leadership and organisational capability. Our services are intended to enhance effective leadership and good governance.

We have designed, developed, implemented and delivered a range of successful end-to-end leadership solutions to many large corporate and public sector organisations.

Our programs introduce the relationship between self-mastery and effective leadership.

They challenge participants to think and act with foresight, encourage them to revise how they see the present and how they can create a preferred future for themselves, their teams and their organisation. Our leadership and management programs:

  • Capitalise on leadership talent and develop self mastery and insightful people management
  • Encourage independent, systemic thinking towards innovative, leading edge practices across the organisation
  • Create organisational engagement through effective leadership
  • Create a sense of pride and commitment for future leaders
  • Create values alignment between individuals, teams, departments, the organisation as a whole and the wider community in which it serves
  • Move management thinking from silos and a focus on problems to sustainability, strategic thinking and a whole-of-organisation approach.

Programs are tailored for each organisational or team context and may involve both group training and individual coaching or mentoring sessions. We also provide highly successful Manager as Coach Programs, which include Action Learning components so managers can explore and practice a coaching style of management in a safe and supportive environment.



We offer a full range of corporate training and development programs and are proud to work with some of Australia’s largest organisations. Our services include leadership development, facilitation and training programs, services to Boards and Directors, executive team development, strategic planning, change management, and career transition. Our tailored and highly effective coaching and mentoring programs include one-on-one executive coaching and mentoring as well as strategic Manager as Coach training. We are committed to developing sustainable relationships with our clients. Whilst our practice is informed by theory, we measure our own success as OD practitioners on how well we integrate into our client system, whether the impact we stimulate is positive and sustainable, and how seamlessly we exit the system when the time comes. We pride ourselves as being a part of the system and apart from the system at the same time.


Boards, Directors and Executive Teams

CfOD provides specialist training, planning, facilitation and consultancy support to boards of directors and executive teams.


Board of Directors

In our experience, the more dynamic and capable a group of people is, the more difficult it may be to achieve alignment and agreement. Boards of directors are often laden with raw talent, but hamstrung by poor working relationships and underdeveloped systems and processes. Our experience in high-level facilitation can assist in resolving these types of issues, and removing obstacles to real achievement at the highest levels of an organisation. Our services to boards of directors include:

  • Strategic planning, including articulating a clear vision and mission and documenting achievable strategies for successful organisational growth
  • Developing board policies and protocols
  • Innovation and strategic thinking workshops
  • Managing risk in turbulent and complex environments
  • Improving relationships within the board and with the CEO
  • Clearly defining roles and responsibilities through effectively managing boundaries
  • New board member induction processes
  • Interventions for boards experiencing conflict or dysfunction
  • Assessing board performance.


Executive Team Development

Our team of experienced senior facilitators will work with your executive team to create alignment of purpose and improve communication. This allows you to focus on the critical task of leading your organisation.


Strategic  Planning Workshops

Strategic planning is arguably one of the most important roles of the Executive Management Team. The benefits of facilitated strategic planning sessions are many. They provide an opportunity to renew your focus, gain greater clarity and work more effectively towards fulfilling your organisation’s vision, which will add value to your services, build a highly functioning team and a sustainable future for your organisation. We encourage managers and staff to think strategically and beyond their own operational areas to:

  • Create a shared and compelling vision for future
  • Develop a meaningful mission statement and supporting values
  • Do a reality check of the current situation (SWOT and PEST analyses)
  • Identify key result areas
  • Develop strategies and key performance indicators
  • Think strategically and be aware of the ‘weak signals’ which may amplify and impact on the success of the team, department or organisation.

Facilitated Strategic Planning session also assist in:

  • Team building
  • Clarifying roles, responsibilities and role boundaries
  • Developing processes to evaluate team performance
  • Building collaboration, trust and mutual respect in the team
  • Building strategies for future professional and team development
  • Having a fun, enjoyable and meaningful experience.