CfOD is experienced and effective in conducting culture reviews for organisations, departments, leadership teams and functional teams to assist in developing strong and healthy cultures aligned with organisational values and behavioural standards.

Our processes can be linked to existing processes and may include one-on-one interviews, observations of meetings and cultural change interventions and can include the following stages:


1. Observation of Executive Meeting

Our consultant, Margaret Devlin will attend an Executive meeting to observe the dynamics of the group, which may include indicators of overt and covert processes such as:

  • Group values and behavioural norms
  • Power dynamics
  • Communication patterns, including managing difference of opinion and potential conflict
  • Relationship patterns
  • Contribution and participation
  • Energy around organisational initiatives and business outcomes
  • Leadership and management competence and confidence, including executive role clarity.

It is important to note that our assumptions going into this observation are that the group comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals. In other words our aim is to support a development process taking the Executive Team from good to better to best.


2. One-on-one Interviews

We will conduct individual, one-on-one interviews to surface themes, issues and ideas for improving individual participation, and the function of the culture. We suggest conducting interviews of approximately 30-45 minutes based on pre-circulated questions. The process recommended is as follows:

  • A pre-meeting with you to identify themes and issues you see as pertinent to surface and ensure the interview questions we suggest are appropriate.
  • Subsequently, a series of interviews with all team members. Interviews will be scheduled to maximise efficiency and maintain momentum.

A brief, de-identified written report can be prepared identifying common issues and themes for discussion in the subsequent team conversations.


3. Facilitated Team Conversations

Based on emerging de-identified themes, issues and concerns raised in the interview process, and patterns and themes observed by our consultant, CfOD will prepare an agenda for an initial facilitated team conversation. Based on the outcome of this session, the discussion focus for subsequent sessions will be agreed and developed in discussion with you and the group.

Our consultant will use a combination of group coaching and process consulting techniques to enable the group to make the behavioural and attitudinal changes required to achieve your outcomes of a high functioning, healthy leadership/team culture.