Career Mastery Perfect Storm
Career Mastery Perfect Storm

You might have seen the movie The Perfect Storm (2000) starring George Clooney as a deep-sea fisherman.

It’s about three major storm fronts that come together to create one terrifying super cell.

As you might expect George finds himself right in the middle of it.

In terms of Career Mastery, a similar principle applies. The most effective pathway is not about developing separate isolated skills and capabilities. Instead, we want them to overlap, combine and merge in a perfect storm for your career.

Previously, we’ve talked about deep work, strengths, habits and practice.

In our next Leadership League breakfast event, Dr Monima Chadha, Head of Philosophy at Monash University is going to bring all of these powerful forces together to form a super cell.

She’ll be talking about:

Critical thinking or deep work – being able to think through complex strategic issues is one of the key skills for leaders today. To achieve this you need to be able to concentrate fully which brings us to our second point…

Mindfulness – which we previously mentioned as perhaps the single most valuable habit you can build – naturally this includes doing the practice to develop and deepen it’s impact.

If you’re committed to having mastery over your career, then this might just be the one event this you that you absolutely positively must attend.


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