We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and urgent world., and in this environment it helps to create focus and thus certainty One way forward is to consider taking on the 5-day challenge. Set yourself a challenge on a Monday that must be completed by a Friday. Define three tasks that will have a significant impact on your outcomes, (both short term and long term). Once you’ve decided on those three tasks, write them boldly and on a post it note, place the post it note somewhere highly visible and go hell for leather, work as if it’s the last 100 yards in a marathon. Stay focused on your task makes sure you achieve your three things. The process of chunking it down to three actions for the week is going to sound like a big ask, but believe me that is the clarity will deliver certainty in your volatile uncertain complex and urgent world. It’s important that we create our own certainty and completing the goals that we set ourselves each week in the five days challenge gives us a step by step process that will help us achieve our outcomes and give us a sense of achievement. Our life is a reflection of our rituals; rituals that will create focus and help us be clear on what we want are an integral part of becoming who we want to be in today’s ever cluttered noisy world. Let us know how you go.


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