1. Book a number of dates in advance. Once they have been booked, the likelihood of them happening is high.
  2. Prepare for your mentoring session by listing three areas to explore. If you don't use them this time you can keep them for future sessions.
  3. Mentors: Remember when you started your journey. Share any pivotal, 'A-ha' moments in your career. Mentees: Share an example of inspired leadership from your experience.
  4. Remember the phone! Face to face is great, but phone (or Skype) are good too - just connect.
  5. Making some notes of the key points you talked about, it can be a great refresher.
  6. Be prepare to travel to see each other. The drive time can serve to order your thoughts beforehand and as a reflection tool post-meeting.
  7. Reflective journals are a useful way to document your thoughts and learning. Blank pages or lined, it doesn't matter... words, images or doodles are all legitimate. It's just a matter of giving yourself permission AND time!
  8. Talk to someone else about your mentoring experience. It could be your one up manager, a colleague or someone you sit next to on a tram.
  9. Invite your mentoring partner to visit your work place. You might even be able to invite them to observe an event, meeting or process that you participate in (with others permission of course). At the very least they can see where you spend your days.
  10. Share one of your 'Great Failure'. It's a great leveller and reminds us that in leadership there are no guarantees, AND one takes calculated risks when leading.