CfOD provides specialist facilitation and consultancy support to boards of directors, executive teams, managers and staff for all their Strategic and business planning needs with complete discretion.


Sessions & Workshops

The benefits of facilitated strategic planning session are many. They provide an opportunity to renew your focus, gain greater clarity and work more effectively towards fulfilling your organisation's vision, which will add value to your services, build a highly functioning team and a sustainable future for your organisations.

We encourage participants to think strategically and beyond their own operational areas to:

  • Create a shared and compelling vision for future
  • Managing risk in turbulent and complex environments
  • Develop a meaningful mission statement and supporting values
  • Do a reality check of the current situation (SWOT and PEST analyses)
  • Identify key result areas
  • Develop strategies and key performance indicators
  • Think strategically and be aware of the 'weak signals' which may amplify and impact on the success of the team, department or organisation

Facilitated Strategic Planning session also assist in:

  • Team Building
  • Developing policies and protocols
  • Clarifying roles, responsibilities and role boundaries
  • Developing processes to evaluate team performance
  • Building collaboration, trust and mutual respect in the team
  • Building strategies for future professional and team development
  • Having a fun, enjoyable and meaningful experience

Facilitation Methodology

Purpose, creativity and innovation are implicitly present in every organisation. CfOD can facilitate groups to uncover, make visible and harness these potentials in a relaxed and supported environment.

Our methodology also draws on many years of experience and knowledge of what works well in real-life organisational settings. We know the important questions to ask, and how best to ask them. Our methods have the flexibility to adapt to specific business and team cultures. And we expect to adapt the agenda in real time to accommodate the unexpected; to allow the group space to be creative while delivering the desired outcomes.


Facilitation Techniques

CfOD facilitators are expert and experienced in a wide range of accredited instruments and facilitation techniques, which you may request and we may recommend. Techniques we use on a regular basis because we get consistent results and positive feedback include:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • World Café Forum
  • Focus Groups
  • Process Consulting
  • Group Coaching